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Veeam – Issue after patch to version

After installing the patch we got this issue when open the console “could not create unique index “backups_tem_id_idx” checking the logs we can found this.

[23.08.2023 10:54:36.982] <21> Error        could not create unique index “backups_temp_id_idx” (Veeam.Backup.Common.CPsqlException)
[23.08.2023 10:54:36.982] <21> Error        [CExceptionHandlingDBAccessorDecorator]
[23.08.2023 10:54:36.982] <21> Error        —————————————————————-
[23.08.2023 10:54:36.982] <21> Error        Stored procedure execution failed:
[23.08.2023 10:54:36.982] <21> Error        —————————————————————-
[23.08.2023 10:56:27.923] <01> Error        Backup service has failed.

This is a known issue and Veeam provide the hotfix. Please download the hotfix from here and follow the next steps:

1. Make sure your build version is P20230718

2. Make sure no Jobs or Restores are running.

3. Run veeam_backup_12.0.0.1420_PrivateFix_TF550096.exe as Admin

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