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Month: February 2022

Downloading RPM vsphere-ui-

To check if you need run the KB

Open a SSH and run the command

openssl dgst -verify /var/vmware/applmgmt/fileintegrity/pub.key -signature /var/vmware/applmgmt/fileintegrity/fileintegrity_config.sig /etc/vmware/appliance/fileintegrity_config.json

If the result is Verification Failure, Follow the steps:

  • Login to VCSA through ssh using putty.
  • Download the script from the attachment section to in the article.
  • Upload the script to the VCSA ” root directory” using WINSCP

Note: If you faced an error while trying to login to VCSA through WINSCP , please run the below command on VCSA (SSH):
# chsh -s /bin/bash root

  • Run the script using the command:

# python

  • Run the command:

# openssl dgst -verify /var/vmware/applmgmt/fileintegrity/pub.key -signature /var/vmware/applmgmt/fileintegrity/fileintegrity_config.sig /etc/vmware/appliance/fileintegrity_config.json

This should return a “Verified OK” response.

  • Run the following commands:

service-control –stop applmgmt
rm -rf /storage/core/software-update/*
rm -rf /storage/db/patching.db
mv /storage/core/software-packages/staged-configuration.json /storage/core
mv /etc/applmgmt/appliance/software_update_state.conf /storage/core
service-control –start applmgmt

  • Retry the update.